Facebook Fan Page or Profile; What best for my business?


There are been a lot of confusion between Facebook fan page and profile, especially when to get the right Facebook page for your business. 

So let’s take a step back & try to figure this out. Facebook Fan Page or Profile??

If I’m a business owner, which should I use — a Profile or a Page?

Hopefully the answer to this question will be clear after I discuss the following:

  • the differences between Profiles & Pages
  • Pros & Cons of using each for business


Facebook Fan Page or Profile: What’s the Difference?

The profile is unique and personal, so each person is entitle to only one profile on Facebook.

Your Profile:

  • can be accessed via an account with login information
  • has a single “personal Timeline”
  • can be used to manage multiple Pages, Apps, Ad accounts etc. inside of Facebook

According to Facebook, it is your identity and digital passport and this is the reason Facebook allow you to have only one.

Below the main point as Facebook differentiate functions of “Facebook Page” from “Facebook profile”.


Facebook Pages

  • look similar to Profiles, but offer unique tools for connecting people to topics they care about, like a business, brand, organization or celebrity
  • managed by admins who have Profiles — Pages are not separate Facebook accounts & do not have separate login information from a Profile
  • provide insights to help admins understand how people are interacting with the Page
  • can be Liked — to see updates in News Feed


Facebook Profiles

  • for individual, non-commercial use
  • represents an individual person & must be held under an individual name
  • can be friended
  • can be followed — to see public updates in News Feed


Facebook Fan Page or Profile: what are the Pros & Cons?


pros cons facebook pages vs profiles


Profiles; can have a max of 5000 friends & an unlimited number of followers

Pages; can have an unlimited number of fans


Profiles; are optimized for individual people to connect & interact with friends & followers

Pages; are optimized for artists, businesses & brands to showcase their work & interact with fans


Profiles; can send unlimited private messages to “friends”

Pages; can send private messages to fans — but only after the fan has sent the first message

Administration Limits

Profiles; are limited to one per person

Pages; are unlimited — you can admin as many pages as you want


Profiles; cannot have biz & marketing apps installed on them

Pages; come pre-installed with custom functionality designed for their category — developers also build a huge array of 3rd-party apps for admins to add to their Pages


Profiles; can be tagged (by friends) but not checked in to

Pages; can be checked in to (if a local business) — alerting friends of the person checking in that they’re at your business

Direct Calling

Profiles; cannot be called from Facebook mobile app

Pages; can be called directly from the Facebook mobile app — when a fan visits your page

Facebook ads

Profiles; can only “boost” a post for $6.99 — and that’s it (no targeting)

Pages; can run hyper-targeted ads to get traffic, emails, Likes, etc.

Insights Statistic

Profiles; do not have access to stats on posts, friends & friend demographics, etc.

Pages; can access a huge array of stats on posts, fans & fan demographics, etc.

Post Scheduling

Profiles; cannot schedule future posts (unless you’re using a 3rd party app like Post Planner, of course)

Pages; can schedule future posts

So all in all, Pages have a lot more commercial functionality than Profiles.  Which makes sense, since Facebook explicitly states Profiles are not to be used “primarily” for commercial purposes:

From their Terms of Service:

You will not use your personal timeline [Profile] primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes.

Then again… if you’re an artist, photographer, entertainer, etc., then maybe your Profile is meeting your commercial needs just fine.

In that case, is it a mistake to continue using your profile solely for commercial purposes?

In a word, yes!

It’s a mistake because you’re violating Facebook’s Terms of Service — and eventually, sooner or later, you WILL be shut down.

And that’s why you may want to convert your Profile to a Fan Page.

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