Basics for a successful Facebook fan page: NO Friends


Get started with a successful Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page NO friendsSo you’ve decided it’s time to get yourself a Facebook fan page. You want to promote your interest or business, you’ve a hot new idea or hobby you want to share with the world, all you need is the exposure and the world is yours. Right?

I know the feeling, and encourage you to explore your passion and never stop trekking towards your ultimate goal, no matter how hard the terrain may get.

Ok, enough with the motivational jargon, and let’s give you something you can use to get you build the best Facebook fan page on earth.

No family & friends on your Facebook Fan Page

Fan Pages are created to get people together with the same interest

As the title states, family and friends are the first place you’ll go to promote your new page. Everybody does it; you get a few easy likes matched with the feel good feeling that your page is a success. Problem is, it’s the first step that will hurt your success dramatically and should be avoided at all costs.

You see, you want an audience that’s interested in your particular page. That way you get a collective group that will take an active interest in your posts and real feedback on the direction of your page, they will also bring across others for you. Family and friends, on the other hand, will like your page because they are your family and friends. Trouble is they will rarely if ever come back to it.

Fan Pages Statistic

Say your Facebook page has 250 fans, 200 are f&f and 50 genuine. Every time you make a post you get 5 people engaged with your update, that’s 2%, not bad. In reality its 10%, which is outstanding, a sure sign you are on the right path. If you say to yourself,” well what if those 5 are all from my f&f”, then you need to really lift your game.

Fan Pages Interest

Best to have an audience specific to your interest, than to be surviving on pitting likes from your family and friends. If you are serious about building a page that will make a difference in this world, invest a little money on a structured ad campaign or a lot of time cultivating likes in your field of interest. 

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